These kits are designed to accompany my online felting courses.

Felt With Me Course Companion Kit

Felt With Me Course Companion Kit


This kit is designed to accompany my online painting with wool course, Felt With Me ( or ( and comes with no instructions. The online course is an additional $65.

I've curated this kit to contain exactly what I use when I needle felt. This kit might as well be called "Dani's Favorites," and it's a great way to try out a new hobby without having to worry about collecting too many supplies at once!

Kit includes:
--9"x6" dense foam pad
--size 38 star felting needles (x3)
--size 40 triangle felting needles (x2)
--6" wooden embroidery hoop
--1 square of white wool felt*
--1 square of medium gray linen*
--2 smaller pieces of neutral/light colored wool felt (colors will vary)
--1 smaller piece of burlap (colors will vary)
--1 small piece of scrap felt for practice
--approx 2.5 ounces of wool in a cotton drawstring bag: Will contain 20 different colors of wool batting and roving (colors will vary but still be beautifully complimentary)
--small bag of random bits of wool colors for added exploration
*these pieces are large enough to be framed within the embroidery hoop

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