Fill Your Sketchbook

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Fill Your Sketchbook (an e-course)

Coming Soon!

A couple years ago, I made a goal to fill a sketchbook—something I had NEVER done before. I had all these books with doodles on a few pages, but then they would just sit on a shelf waiting for months or years to be touched again. But on January 1, 2016, I cracked open a new book and vowed to add something (anything!) to it EVERY SINGLE DAY. It didn’t take long to fill up one book, and by the end of the year, I filled seven!

But these full books are just the beginning. Inside these pages are so many learned lessons. I learned an invaluable amount about myself, what I like, what mediums attract me, and I started to test different art styles and begin to hone in on my own.

I want this for you. So many of you have expressed interest in doing a project like this. I know you may have concerns about having enough time or ideas. I want to help jump start this for you, so I’m building an online course with prompts, ideas, chats about mediums and subjects, and even how to gain confidence to share your work. I want you to get the benefits that I have out of being intentionally creative every day. Stay tuned!