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Pet Portrait - 8 inch

Pet Portrait - 8 inch


This listing is for one custom 8 inch pet portrait by Dani Ives. This will be shipped between Aug 15-Dec 15 2019. Please email me to request a specific deadline, and I’ll let you know if it’s possible.

After purchase, we will chat about if you'd like a hoop or square canvas.

Multiple pets may be possible for an additional cost and must be approved. We can discuss this option after purchase.

Once purchased, please send me your photo and preferred background color via email ASAP. hello[at]daniives]dot]com ***Phone screenshots cannot be accepted.

Guidelines for selected photo:

1.Choose one photo that will be replicated as your portrait.

2. Choose a photo with lots of natural light. Sunlight is always best to highlight our pets' true colors.

3. Avoid photos with very bright light and harsh shadows.

4. Crisp, high-quality photos, without blurriness, help to highlight details.

5. Phone screenshots cannot be used for this size. Certain photos taken with phones may be acceptable.

6. A crisp photo is needed--details are key to making your portrait amazing and for letting your pet's personality shine through.

7. Photos taken from eye level with your pet are best, rather than photos taken from above.

8. Unfortunately, I cannot use any professionally taken photos unless you own the rights to reproduce the photo, or I have written permission from the photographer. **By submitting a photo, you agree that you own the rights to reproduce that photo.

When you provide a great photo, I'm able to capture as many details as possible when I create your portrait. Details are my jam, and I love packing them in with this challenging wool medium.

After purchase and after I receive your photo, we’ll begin the process of choosing a background color/fabric.

Please contact me if you have any questions. hello[at]daniives]dot]com

Thank you!!

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