Felting E-courses

My two needle felting e-courses, Felt With Me and DIY Cactus Course are perfect for beginner and intermediate felters. If you’re brand new to needle felting, I walk you through all the basics, talk about supplies and guide you through every project. If you’ve already had some felting experience, but you’re looking to pick up a few tips about how to up your game, you’ll find that here too! Check out both courses (and kits!) below.


Felt With Me: learn how to paint with wool

Needle felting has changed my life. I had no idea it would become such a huge part of who I am and what I create every day. It started as a hobby and then grew into an art form that I have devoted thousands of hours to. Probably ten thousand. You might say that I’ve reached that “expert” level. But none of that is important. What I want YOU to know about needle felting and my 2-d style of painting with wool, is that it’s really fun, unbelievably forgiving and incredibly addictive. Don’t believe me? Ask any felter if they agree with that statement and report back. ;)

I’ve built this online course, Felt With Me, just for you. It has nine video lessons that guide you through multiple projects. You can work at your own pace. Binge all the lessons and projects in a few days (but maybe don’t because your hands might be sore) or spread them out over a month or two. It’s your choice! Plus, you have lifetime access to all the course materials. That’s forever, friend. Click the button below for tons more info and previews, and then check out the kit that I’ve put together to make creating the course projects easy!

cactus 001.jpg

DIY Cactus Course: create adorable wool cacti in pots

Calling all plant ladies (and men and persons!) Can you even believe how cute these are? A wooly potted cactus was one of the first things I made when I started needle felting. I knew I had to share the process with you. In the DIY Cactus Course, I share how to make three different types of cacti (barrel, bunny ear and saguaro) and all their fun details (spines, fuzz, flowers, color variations.) There’s even a bonus potted toadstool lesson!