Needle Felting eCourses for beginners and intermediate felters.

My online needle felting courses are designed for beginners and are full of plenty of information and techniques to be instructive to the intermediate felter. These courses offer step-by-step video tutorials, extras like PDFs and reference photos, plus lifetime access to the course materials.  Check out the courses below!

NEW! DIY Cactus Course

In my new course, you'll learn how to needle felt three different potted cacti.  There are additional tutorials that demonstrate how to add beautiful details like gradient colors, flowers and different types of spines.  PLUS, I've included a bonus lesson that teaches you how to make a potted woodland toadstool! This course is available now for only $20! Click "Learn More" below for even more course info (supplies, list of lessons, preview video) or jump right in by clicking "Enroll."  If you ever have any questions during the course, I'm just an email away.


Felt With Me: Learn how to "paint" with wool

Ready to paint with wool?

I love teaching. But more importantly, I love empowering others to bring more creativity and inspiration into their lives and build new skills. I've been teaching other creatives in workshops across the states and internationally how to needle felt for a couple years now, but I can't travel and teach full time.  So after many requests, I've built an online course that not only teaches my tried-and-true techniques for "painting with wool," it offers multiple self-paced projects that are taught with step-by-step video tutorials, so you can take your time and soak it all in.

What Supplies will I need?

Once you're inside the course, I have an entire lesson and lots of info about the supplies I use and why, including direct links to my favorite suppliers.  But to help you get an idea of what you'll need to finish these projects, we use the following: needle felting foam pad, wool felt as a base fabric, assorted colors of wool roving/batting, at least two felting needles (my fave is size 38 star).

Tell me more!

The course includes three projects that emphasize different aspects of my techniques.  I'll walk you through the steps of creating a realistic tulip, a slice of pizza and a butterfly.  I've also included a bonus lesson that focusus specifically on how to use color for highlights and shading.

Head over to the Felt With Me Course Page to see a preview of the course layout, a list of all the lessons, testimonials, and get a taste of the video lessons. You can join the course from that page as well. See you in class!