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I'm so delighted that you'd like to own a piece of my art. Please read the following information about my process.  If you have any questions beyond the info here, please email me:

Pet Portraits

I book pet portrait commissions only two or three times a year. (Currently fully booked for commissions. Next release: likely Fall/Winter 2019. Click here to review the listings and see the size comparisons.) I announce all new commission openings to those on my newsletter list (which you can join at the bottom of this page).  I'll share in my newsletter the specific date/time that the commissions will be available in my shop. They are first come, first served and tend to sell out very quickly. Please understand that I don't keep a waiting list or reservations list for portraits.  Right now, this method of "batch releasing" is the best and fairest way for me to book and offer portrait commissions.  Creating pet portraits is a great pleasure for me, and I really appreciate that you trust me with your pet's likeness.

Currently, these sizes are options for portraits:

4" hoop or 4x4" stretched linen canvas : $200 + shipping

6" hoop or 6x6" stretched linen canvas : $380 + shipping

8" hoop or 8x8" stretched linen canvas : $600 + shipping

I can do multiple pets per piece, at my discretion (if the composition works), for an additional cost per pet.  I may be able to add toys or accessories, also at an additional cost. Worldwide shipping available.

Reference Photo Requirements:

  • I need one high quality photo that will be replicated as your portrait.

  • Make sure your pet's entire face is in focus with no blurriness.

  • Eye-level photos work best, rather than photos taken from above. Get down on the ground or floor with your pet for the best viewpoint.

  • Shaded natural light is ideal. Avoid harsh sun and shadows. Avoid indoor lighting at nighttime.

  • I can only use a photo from a professional photographer if you own the rights to reproduce the photo, or If I receive their written permission.

  • Please note that I retain rights to reproduce (as prints, promo material, etc.) any artwork created from your submitted photo.

Other Custom Fiber ARt

I try to build in time each month to work on my own projects but also to leave room for requests other than pet portraits. If you'd like to commission a custom piece that is not a pet portrait, please email me (, and I'd be happy to chat with you.  **Currently, I do not offer portraits of humans. Raccoons in bow ties, yes. Beautiful landscapes, sure.  Humans? Nope. ;)

Collaborations & Travel

I totally love working with other artists and artisans.  If you have an idea for a collaboration, by all means, get in touch! If you have an event where you'd like me to be an instructor or a group you'd like me to address, I'm available for travel.  Please email with details.

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