Commission Info

I'm so delighted that you'd like to own a piece of my art. Please read the following information about my process.  If you have any questions beyond the info here, please email me:

Pet Portraits

Currently, I'm working on Summer commissions and pieces for exhibition and likely won't be accepting new portrait commissions until March 2018. I announce all new commission openings to those on my newsletter list (which you can join at the bottom of this page).  When I open commissions, I'll share in my newsletter the specific date/time that I will list the commission openings in my Etsy shop. They are first come, first served and tend to sell out very quickly. When I begin accepting new portrait commissions, I'll offer two options:

4" mini hoops : $180 + shipping

6" hoop or 6x6" stretched linen canvas : $280 + shipping

8" hoop or 8x8" stretched linen canvas : $480 + shipping

I can do multiple pets per piece, at my discretion (if the composition works), for an additional cost per pet.  Worldwide shipping available.

Reference Photo Requirements:

  • I need one high quality photo that will be replicated as your portrait.
  • Make sure your pet's entire face is in focus with no blurriness.
  • Eye-level photos work best, rather than photos taken from above. Get down on the ground or floor with your pet for the best viewpoint.
  • Shaded natural light is ideal.  Avoid harsh sun and shadows.  Avoid indoor lighting at nighttime.
  • I can only use a photo from a professional photographer if you own the rights to reproduce the photo, or If I receive their written permission.
  • Please note that I retain rights to reproduce (as prints, promo material, etc.) any artwork created from your submitted photo.

Other Custom Fiber ARt

I try to build in time each month to work on my own projects but also to leave room for requests other than pet portraits. If you'd like to commission a custom piece that is not a pet portrait, please email me (, and I'd be happy to chat with you.  **Currently, I do not offer portraits of humans. Raccoons in bow ties, yes. Beautiful landscapes, sure.  Humans? Nope. ;)

Collaborations & Travel

I totally love working with other artists and artisans.  If you have an idea for a collaboration, by all means, get in touch! If you have an event where you'd like me to be an instructor or a group you'd like me to address, I'm available for travel.  Please email with details.