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Some Updates for You!
Last weekend in Kansas City at the Strawberry Swing Indie Craft show was great!  We had to persevere through a surprise storm that lasted for hours, but the sun eventually came out and we had a fabulous time.  I met some wonderful new customers, saw some fabulous repeat customers, and shopped for some new treasures for myself as well.  I discovered that my new felted paintings in embroidery hoops are wildly popular, so you'll be seeing more of those!

I'll be in Tulsa on Saturday, August 30 for the Tulsa Mini Maker Faire!  I'm taking special orders now for pick-up during the show! (Email me at goodnaturedbydani at gmail dot com.)  I'll also have some DIY Ball Garland kits available then, and I'm considering making another kit.  Maybe a DIY owl? What felted thing would you want to make?

One last thing--a VW update! (If you're a new reader, you may not know that my husband and I bought a VW camper van.  It needs some work and love, so that's exactly what it's getting!)  Currently, there is an old Subaru in my driveway, taking up space that we don't have.  My husband is taking out the engine and wiring (and making ridiculous faces in my photos) and putting it into our van.  Apparently, this is a pretty common modification for Volkswagens (oh, the things I'm learning.)  I'm so proud of him for figuring out all of this, but I'm definitely ready to get rid of this extra car.  Keep up the good work, honey!

Volkswagen Bus Update
Back in June, we bought a VW bus.   We knew it needed some work, and I thought I'd update you guys on the progress we've made so far.  Actually, it feels like the opposite of progress, because the thing has been gutted and stripped down.  It gets worse before it gets better, right?

Check out what we found under the luggage rack!

Poor race car driver...

Brandon has removed all the seats, floor, wall vinyl, headliner and heating ducts.  He pulled the windows and seals out, too.  When we first got the bus, it only had one headlight, so we did replace the missing and existing headlight with a brand new set.

We've purchased some interior cabinets from a couple in Colorado who just happened to be passing through our neck of the woods and saw our "wanted" Craigslist ad. 

We've been finding lots of cheap shortcuts made by previous owners.  Brandon's been working really hard to remove the tar paper that coated the floor and walls of the bus.  This tar paper, which was intended by the previous owner to waterproof the van, is meant for outdoor use only--not where people might be sleeping or spending any amount of time, because it releases harmful gasses.  Yikes!

Now Brandon's working on getting the body prepped for paint and then a new paint job! We are still tossing around some color ideas.  What color would you paint the bus?
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Bits of my weekend
So last weekend seemed busy.  My husband and I tried a new(ish) restaurant here in Springfield called Cafe Cusco.  It's on the same street of the oh-so-famous Red Velvet shop by the gals of A Beautiful Mess.  The interior is so pretty, and I was impressed that the menu had some decent vegetarian options.  We each had their homemade black bean quinoa burger--it was really good! We'll definitely visit again!  After lunch, we walked down to the Askinosie Chocolate factory to grab a couple bars.  Askinosie can be found in lots of cities and countries now--if you can get your hands on a bar of this chocolate, it's worth the splurge.  Do it.

So after food, we made our way toward a HUGE antique auto parts swap meet.  Remember our new (to us) Volkswagen camper van?  We are looking for some original interior furniture for it.  We thought we'd at least give the swap meet a try.  (By the way, this photo is no indication of how big this swap meet was.)

We had no luck on finding furniture, but we did spot another VW camper van!  This one is a Westfalia, which is a slightly different model than ours. 

We also found a vendor that sold original literature and brochures.  We picked up a brochure about our '74 van and a sheet of original color swatches!

Last night, I also baked a bunch of goodies as a Thank You to the zookeepers that I work with for all of their help with my summer kids' classes.  I tend to be a bit messy in the kitchen.  In my defense, my kitchen is not set up well at all.  (Good excuse, right?) After witnessing and proclaiming all about my mess, my husband says, "Your next blog should be called a Cute Mess. You could take before, during and after pictures of the kitchen.  You know, because there might be stuff on the ceiling after you juice something, or chia seeds and quinoa EVERYWHERE.  And you can talk about how you mess up Tollhouse cookies, and how you once messed up mac and cheese."  Geez, honey.  Thanks....

New project!
Ohmygosh you guys!  My husband and I just bought this 1974 Volkswagen Riviera.  Technically, it's his 30th birthday gift, only it's about four months early.  But you have to jump on good deals, right?! We are crazy excited about this.  It's in great shape, but of course needs to be prettied up a bit.  The body is only primed, so we get to decide what color to paint it. Oh, the possibilities!

 I can't wait to start working on the interior.  I foresee granny square blankets and cute curtains with a vintage touch and a retro picnic basket on the little table.  The top pops up into a bunk bed, and the backseat folds down into one as well.  The side panels on the inside have some maps glued to them, and one has a route traced onto it as if this little van once traveled across the states.  I sure hope so.  I also hope to create some new routes and adventures soon!