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My Latest (and final) Stitch Fix: Why I'm Quitting
Many of you have heard of Stitch Fix, or maybe you even participate.  I recently received my ninth box. Usually, I review my boxes on my blog, and share photos of the pieces that I get. But I stopped at box number five.  I'll explain:

My first fix came in December of last year.  I was a great experience--I kept two pieces. I left my review of the clothes, and felt like my opinion of the pieces were heard and understood.  My second fix was even better.  My stylist that month was right on with my wants and style, and I kept every piece.  And then, with my third, fourth, and fifth boxes, I found more pieces to love and keep.  Of course, with each box, you can leave comments on each garment and the shipment overall, which I did.  I was very specific with what I knew would work for me, what wouldn't work, and what I liked.

Then boxes six, seven, and eight happened.  I was so disappointed with these boxes, I didn't even bother photographing them.  I got pieces of clothing that I never should have gotten, if my stylist that month had bothered to really pay attention to my previous feedback and profile information.  I had to reach out to their customer service and complain. I had to specifically request that they read my previous feedback and look at my Pinterest board that I provided them.  I would have stopped receiving fixes sooner than boxes seven, eight and nine, but my amazing husband got me a gift certificate for my birthday in April.  So, I was trying to find new clothes to love, but because I got nothing in shipments six and seven that worked, I was just wasting the gift certificate.  To their credit, when I shared my concerns and complaints with their customer service, Stitch Fix did credit me one $20 box fee, so technically, box eight was sent to me free of charge.  With box eight, I kept one pair of shorts, but I still had a credit, so I signed up for box nine.

This is what I got in my ninth and final shipment: 

We'll start with the one thing that I kept. This is a Pink Martini Augustina Lace Back Open Cardigan.  Though I have lots of clothes in blue, I love the lace on the back, and I'm really liking long cardigans right now.  This falls to my upper thighs. 

The next four pieces I did not keep.  This one is the Collective Concepts Galen Floral Print Tie Waist Dress. I wanted to keep it, because I really like the pattern and colors, but it just did not work with my bust.

The tank below was also another piece that I wanted to keep, but the fabric had absolutely no stretch, and again my larger bust would just not play nicely.  This top is a Renee C Amy Graphic Print V-Neck Blouse.

The Loveappella Leanne Abstract Print Swing Skirt came in pretty colors, but the cut was terribly unflattering on me.  Also, at $58, it was way too expensive for a not-so-impressive piece.

This last blouse was really the last straw for me.  This is Kut From the Kloth Becca Lace Detail Floral Print Blouse.  Yes, I did ask for colorful florals, and this definitely fits the bill.  I also love the lace detail on the back.  BUT, I have (so many times) told them that I just can't wear button-down tops.  I even simply stated in my style profile to not send me any--they just don't work for my body and never have.  And here's one in my shipment. Bummer.

Here's what I feel like happened.  As their company grew, my styling experience became much less personal.  In the first months that I participated, I feel like I had a good connection with my stylists (which were always different people every month.) But as my shipments started to not mesh with my wants and style, I feel like I was lost in their sea of clients.  I mean, good for them for growing so quickly and providing such a neat service to women all over the country.  But, maybe there are a few lessons to be learned about creating an intimate experience on a person by person basis for a company that's still building itself, especially when that's what they advertise--a personal service.

Regardless of how I felt about my last fixes, I can say that having participated in Stitch Fix has taught me how to shop for clothes--or at least how to shop differently.   I can walk into a shop now and look at pieces in a completely new light.  I will try on pieces that I never thought would work before I tried Stitch Fix. I now know that shift dresses work amazingly for me and that a garment may look unappealing on a hanger but may fit like a dream.  And, thanks to Stitch Fix, I do have some great pieces that I will love for years.  So, take my opinions as you will, and good luck to any of you Stitch Fix-ers out there!
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My Fifth Stitch Fix!
I can't believe this is my fifth Stitch Fix delivery!

I get so excited when it's time for my fix to come in the mail--it's such a fun experience.  (In case you don't know, Stitch Fix is a clothing delivery service.  You pay a $20 styling fee, fill out lots of info about your style preferences and body type/size--you can even link up your Pinterest style board--and a Stitch Fix stylist picks out five pieces that she thinks you'll love.  You try them on, test them out with other pieces in your wardrobe, and send back the pieces you don't want in a prepaid bag that they include in your shipment.  Also, your $20 styling fee is applied toward any purchase that you make from your fix!)

I have been wearing a lot of skirts and dresses lately for a couple reasons: one, I needed a break from pants as my leg tattoo healed, and two, I have really enjoyed wearing cute clothes (and my husband apparently doesn't mind either).   I didn't know if they would or could, but this time, I asked my stylist to send me all dresses and skirts.  And she delivered! This was a super fun fix!

There were three dresses and two skirts.  These first two dresses are the pieces I decided not to keep.  The Laney Empire Waist Jersey Maxi Dress fit okay, but it was about three inches too long (with heels).  I feel like it was too expensive for being just a plain dress--I wish it had a print and was a more substantial material than jersey.  The second dress, the Daphne Scalloped Colorblock dress, fit really well actually.  However, it was polyester and lined, and I just didn't see myself wearing it very often during the humid Missouri spring and summer.

But I did keep three pieces!  Let's talk about this shift dress.  It's called the Wendle Embroidery Detail Shift Dress, and it's beautiful and fits like a dream. Apparently, shift dresses are my jam, and I need more of them in my wardrobe.  I also love love love the embroidery--I've been really attracted to embroidered details on clothing lately, so this dress was a total score.

This Jordanne A-line Skirt is a fun addition to my skirt collection.  The green color is amazing.  The fabric is just heavy enough to be worn into the fall and winter, but I can also wear it during warmer weather comfortably.

I also love skirts with bright prints, so this swing skirt is perfect!  The Kye Box Print Swing Skirt will go with a lot of tops that I already have.

I was so happy that they accommodated my request for all skirts and dresses.  I've really enjoyed getting these fixes.  My husband even commented the other day that he thought it was cute that I got so excited about them.  Awe!

If you want to try it out, you can use my referral link (click here), and I will get a credit when you get your first fix.  Then YOU can share your own referral link with your friends to get credit for your own Stitch Fix addiction. 

What do you think of these pieces?  Would you have kept the same ones?

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Stitch Fix Number Four
You guys! It's already time for my fourth Stitch Fix! Want to see what I got this time??

Wynn Arrow Print Front Pocket Blouse:  I love the pattern and colors of this top.  It's sheer, has cute tab sleeves, and it a great cut for me.  I kept this one!

Berneen Printed Dolman Sleeve Top: I never would have tried dolman sleeve tops on my own--so thank you Stitch Fix for that.  This shirt is cute on me, and I love the colors and pattern. However, it's polyester, and I was instantly hot when I put it on.  I just can't see myself wearing this very often--this one goes back.

Ivy Tulip Print Tab Sleeve Blouse:  I was instantly in love with this top.  I mean, tulips! They're my favorite!  I love the colors, too.  Kept!

Rizzo Skinny Ponte Pants: These pants are like thick leggings.  I wanted them to work, because I could use a pair like these in my wardrobe.  I'm not a girl who wears leggings as pants.  I just won't do it.  But these I could do.  However, they were about three inches too long, and they bunched up at the knee.  They are also expensive for thick leggings.  And since they didn't fit perfectly, and I didn't love them, they were sent back. 

Sedona Dot Print Shirtdress: I was excited to see polka dots, but I was not thrilled about the style of this dress.  Also, this chambray material is not my cup of tea.  The dress was really frumpy feeling, and a bit too long for my taste.  It went back too.

So many people have hopped on board with this service.  If you use my referral link, I'll get a credit to use toward a future fix--and you'll make me a super happy girl! Let me know if you try it!

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This Stitch Fix thing is Addicting
For real.  When I get the email that says "Your fix has shipped!"I turn into a FedEx stalker.  This was my third Fix.  (Check out my first and second fixes, too.)

So, what did I get?  In my Fix, there was a dress, a jacket, a purse, an over-sized cardigan, and a blouse.

The cardigan was an instant winner.  I've been pinning over-sized cardigans and tribal prints like crazy, so this was love at first sight.  It's a great fit.  After I unpacked my box and tried every thing else on, I wore this the rest of the evening...and then the next day. (Obviously, I kept this one.)

This elephant blouse was a hit and a miss.  I like the print, but I'm not crazy about the colors.  I like the style, and the sewing details of the shirt, but it fit my strangely across the chest.  Bummer. (Returned.)

The same thing happened with this dress.  I like the style and color, love the pleats and fit and flare shape, but it was too tight across the chest.  I need a bit of give/room up top.  Oh well.  (Returned.)

I was surprised to find a purse in my fix! I didn't know that was an option.  I don't own any black purses, because I'm not really a fan. I also did not like the amount of gold on this purse.  The flap/fold-over style is really neat, and I love a cross-body bag.  But, this just wasn't my thing. (Returned.)

This jacket really made me think about my wardrobe.  It has a vintage vibe for sure--love that.  But boucle with lurex detail? Could I pull that off?  I love the cropped style and asymmetrical zipper. This was the most expensive piece in my fix, and I didn't want to pay for something that wasn't thrilling me. I tried it on with a few things until I finally found and outfit that made me know I would wear it. Actually, I can't wait to wear it now! (Kept!)

 A few of you have used my referral link, and I am so grateful for that! Thank you so much!! (Each referral earns me a credit so I can continue this addiction.)

If you do try Stitch Fix, I want hear about your experience--so let me know!

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My Second Stitch Fix!
I got my second Stitch Fix yesterday, and I am hooked!!  I got the shipping notification email late last week and was anxiously waiting for Tuesday's mail.  My stylist did a fabulous job again!!

Like my first fix, I received three tops, one skirt and one dress.  I peeked at the styling cards before I ripped open the tissue paper to get an idea of what was in my box.

So, let's talk about this top first.  I would never have picked this up in a store. Never.  I own nothing with a Peter Pan collar.  I own nothing with buttons down the back.  I never would have thought that this top could work for me.  But it does. Like a dream.  I like the swans, I love the blue, I even like the fancy-ness of the gold buttons.  It's a keeper for sure.  (In my original 'additional comments' to my stylist when I first filled out my profile, I explained that I love prints *of* animals, like birds or cat silhouettes, but I don't like animal prints like zebra stripes or leopard spots. Score!)

Next, I tried on this skirt.  I was a little hesitant about the stripes, but it's really cute.  The drape and little bit of pleating help to break up the lines a little.  Plus, its a bit shiny and metallic, so I think this skirt can be dressed up or down.  Another keeper.

Let's talk about the cardigan (top right.)  It has tiny embroidered owls on it.  I mean, I'm a teacher at a zoo.  Could there be a more perfect sweater for me? Probably not.  But if you want to search for one, by all means, let me know if you find something. My husband jokingly said this would be a perfect addition for my librarian collection of clothes. Pffff.

The white top on the bottom right is really cute too.  It's super sheer, so it definitely needs a camisole underneath it.  I really like it, but it's a little too tight at the bust.  Just a little.

But this dress.  This dress is amazing.  I love it.  (And my husband likes it too, so it's pretty much an automatic check in the 'yes' box.)  It's a bit stretchy, and it's short, which is great for my short body.  

I decided to keep everything.  Even the just-a-little-too-tight top. Why?  Because if you keep all five pieces, you get 25% off your total, and, for this fix, it's actually less expensive to keep all five rather than just the four.  Also, I won a $50 credit recently through an instagram contest, so my total was an unbelievable $92.50 for ALL five pieces. 

So, if you haven't already, but you want to try this for yourself, you can use this referral link (if you want to), and I'll get a credit when you get your Fix.  It's so fun!

Would you keep any of these pieces for yourself?

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My first Stitch Fix
Have you heard of Stitchfix?  It's an online personal styling service that sends you a box of five clothing (or accessory) pieces.  You can get your fix as often as monthly or schedule your fixes farther apart.  This service costs $20, but you can apply that toward any piece that you want to keep.  Plus, you fill out a profile, detailing the kind of clothes you like and the kind you might want.

I was so excited to get my box in the mail.  I was immediately enamored with the colors, patterns and textures that I saw.  My stylist did a great job!

This is what I got.  I decided to keep the piece on the top right and the bottom middle. The bottom right piece was a little too long for my short body.  The button-down dress just did not work with my shape, and the skirt was a tad too narrow in the waist.  I liked every piece, though.  And really, these are not pieces that I would have picked for myself--especially the red top.

I had fun putting some outfits together. And kudos to my husband for taking a million pictures of me until we got the right ones. 

If you're thinking of trying it, you can use this referral link, you know, if you want to. It would help me earn some credit, because I'll definitely be getting some more stitchfix deliveries. ;)
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