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My first solo art show!

Last fall, I was invited to show some of my work at the Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock. So for the last four months, I've been working on creating thirty animal portraits.  THIRTY.  Each animal is either someone's pet, my pets or animals that I had the pleasure of meeting or working with when I was working as a conservation educator.  Each portrait was a labor of love.  I crammed as much detail in each to create the best likeness possible with this medium, and I am SO proud of each one.  Eventually, I'll add each of these to my portfolio. But for now, I'm wrapping up the last two portraits, and I'll be dropping off all the pieces this weekend.  There's an opening reception on May 12 for my exhibit plus another collaborative collection, and all the details are below (and you can join the facebook event here.) I'll take pictures of the show and share once it's up.  PS: There will be a handful of pieces for sale!


Historic Arkansas Museum May 2017