Copy of Artful Gatherings: A guide to workshops


Do you want to teach your own creative workshops, but you're overwhelmed about how to get started?

I can help.

Being an educator has been an important part of my life for 16 years. As a conservation educator in a zoo setting, I shared my passion for animals and the environment. Now as I pursue my art full-time, I teach folks how to tap their own creativity.

Inspiring others and watching them discover that creative spark is what I live for. It’s why I teach.

But there are even more great reasons for teaching workshops: connecting with people who have similar interests, grabbing inspiration for yourself, and making money while sharing something you LOVE.

I know all of that sounds great, but how do you even get started? Let me introduce you to my new course, Artful Gatherings: A how-to guide for teaching creative workshops.

artful gatherings cropped.jpg

After a few years of fielding questions and being asked for advice about how I teach workshops, I built this course to include all those faq and serve as a step-by-step instructor guide specifically for artists and makers.

This course will help you:

  • Create a lesson plan

  • Prep your supplies

  • Decide how to price your class

  • Find and reach out to venues

  • Set up registrations and promote to your audience

You’ll also get:

  • Teaching tips

  • Advice from other experienced workshop instructors

  • Worksheets to help you plan lessons, compare venues, etc.

  • Checklist for the day of your workshop

  • Guidance on how to get feedback and testimonials

“If it wasn’t for Dani’s advice, I would never have gotten the courage to teach workshops out of state (& country) as well as charge my worth as an artist and an instructor! Not only has she done all the work for us in this new course, but she makes the process super adaptable for all types of mediums (so literally anyone can benefit from taking it)! She has helped me completely transform my work and business with this course and I couldn’t be more grateful for it!” —Kristen Gula, Gulush Threads

“Cut the learning curve in half and take a shortcut to success with the information Dani offers. I won't teach another workshop without going through my notes and using the guidance this course offers.” —Lisa Morales