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Dani Ives is a self-taught fiber artist, author and educator. Her inspiration comes from a love of nature and science, which has an enormous influence on her work.  Her enthusiasm for animals from an early age took her on a university and career path based in biology and conservation education, after which Dani worked as an educator at a zoo for ten years. During her conservation education career, she sought out hobbies to fulfill a need for artistic endeavors and stumbled upon needle felting. Over the course of a few years, Dani developed her distinct style of needle felting that she calls "painting with wool."  With this style, instead of using paint and a brush, she uses wool fibers and a felting needle to create the effects of layering color, creating texture and depth. She strives to push the boundaries of this fiber art by creating animal portraits and botanical pieces that are packed with details and realism.   

Dani has taught hundreds of students in workshops across the United States and internationally, including a six-week course at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  She really enjoys teaching others how to create their own needle felted "paintings" and loves to see students discover the endless possibilities of working in fiber arts.  Dani lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband, Brandon, and pup, Luna.

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Photo by Janae Hardy

Photo by Janae Hardy

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